Company Profile

Polyprint’ s Company Profile

Polyprint A/S was established in 1976, and already from the start the main activities were focused on the production of flexo printed packaging.

Through specialisation, development and ongoing investments in new technology Polyprint has obtained a position as one of the competent co-operations partners on the market for flexible packaging.


Focus on Packaging for Foodstuff

The largest part of our customer segment is food producers, but Polyprint is also delivering solutions for other line of businesses.


Stable and Controlled Growth

A high quality level and an extensive flexibility have been the basis for our growth through the years. Another reason is Polyprint’s considerable and ongoing investments in new technology and factory expansions.

Due to a modern and up-to-date production technology we can fulfil the demands of the market at any time – the demands for quality, capacity as well as on an effective, cost focused production.


Solid Economy

Polyprint is a consolidated company, and with a strong, economic foundation the basis for our future position as a significant and leading market position within flexible packaging is founded.

Polyprint is AAA-rated


Competent Employees

The greatest asset at Polyprint is our 115 qualified and skilled employees, who secure the optimal utilisation of the production technology with insight and knowledge.


Family-owned Company

Polyprint A/S is a family-owned private limited company, which is led and managed by the 2nd generation.