Polyprint’s CSR Policy

At Polyprint we are focusing on the individual employee in our constant pursuit of a good place of employment, where everybody is prospering and can make use of their full potential.

We respect our employees, regardless of their sex, religious conviction or the like.

A very flat organisation is encouraging a close co-operation across departments and employees.



At Polyprint we want a secure and positive working environment, physically as well as psychically, where innovation and personal development can prosper freely.

Our co-operation committee with members from the management, administration and production is supporting this.

We have a high focus on security, health and welfare, and our goal is, that all employees should be able to work EVERY day without risking accidents.



Polyprint’s continuing success depends on skilled and dedicated employees.

Through internal and external education the company is aiming to obtain, that all employees have all the necessary qualifications to accomplish their job.

We are taking a big responsibility to support an ongoing development of all our employees, personally as well as professionally.



Polyprint support many social initiatives among the employees – in and outside the working hours – with the purpose to strengthen the social unity and welfare.

We also have a goal of being an active partner in the local community by supporting local businesses and associations.

CSR Policy