Our Printing Machines

Polyprint is printing with top modern quality flexo printing machines.

We have seven 8-coloured machines, which are supervised and controlled electronically as well as manually by skilled printers.


Ongoing Investments in Printing Technology

We are constantly investing in the latest and most modern printing technology in the market. This gives our customers:

●      A higher and more refined quality

●      Cost savings


Knowledge and Insight

Technology means a lot for the quality, but only the best solutions are obtained when the technology is controlled by printers with insight and knowledge of the printing processes. Therefore we only have skilled printers working at our printing machines.

At the same time we have a flat organisation in all production processes which means, that our employees take ownership and thereby direct responsibility for the quality and the individual solutions. This is the basis for the great dynamic and flexibility experienced by the customers in the daily business.


The Printing Department in Short

●      Six modern printing machines – fast change of anilox rollers and printing sleeves

●      Graphically skilled printers with special knowledge

●      Direct, personal responsibility for the individual job

●      HD-Flexo print – all six machines

●      High seniority