Our Repro

Polyprint is working close together with two repro houses (HL-Repro A/S and Reproflex Scandinavia A/S), both situated close by (on the other side of the road and 14 km away), so in practise they are functioning as in-house repro.

Both houses were founded as flexo houses, which means that they are very dedicated to and specialised in flexo.

Today they are among the leading repro houses in Europe.


Both repro houses have many years of experience within graphic production, and they use the latest technology and production equipment. Based on this unique knowledge, we can offer the best and most professional solutions for our customers.

They have a permanent team of skilled, graphic employees only working for Polyprint, which ensures a high knowhow, minimises mistakes and secures a perfect production flow. The close, geographical position gives us the opportunity to react quickly, whenever it is necessary.

Prepress Manager

Our Prepress Manager work closely together with our repro houses in order to give our customers a valuable and qualified sparring on all jobs and assist to find the right solutions.

You are always welcome to contact our Prepress Manager to get advice and guidance.

Please find our two repro houses below:

Reproflex Scandinavia