About Our Quality

Our Quality

When it comes to packaging, the quality concept has been extended significantly.

A number of conditions are defining the quality:

●      Characteristics and functionality

●      Adapted printing technology

●      Way of delivery / delivery safety

●      Logistic and display characteristics

●      Food safety

●      Test and control

●      Price


Claim Percentage

The number of claims is a good indicator for the quality level at a packaging producer.

At Polyprint we have an extremely low claim percentage, which positions us in the absolute top class in this industry (it is below 0.5%).


Our Vision for Quality

Our quality is top notch, because we constantly have our vision in mind. We will:

●      deliver the highest, continuous quality


Certified Production

Polyprint is certified according to ISO-9001.

Polyprint wants to produce flexible packaging according to correct quality conditions, which can be obtained by working according to ISO 9001.

ISO 9001 certificate