Service And Innovation

Our Service

The demands for food safety have increased significantly in the recent years. Therefore we have built up a flexible production, upgraded our staff and designed a control and test laboratory for surveillance of our production.

In other words we have adapted to the only stable factor, which is the demand for the ability for change.


Permanent and Personal Customer Team

For the solution of the individual job our customers have a permanent team of competent specialists at Polyprint. The team is set for the individual customer and secures, that the contact is close and smooth through the entire process.

Technology, knowledge and commitment – cornerstones of our service.



In recent years packaging has been the centre of focus in many ways, as the demands for functionality, logistic and display characteristics have increased.

We are often acting as a sparring partner within development in direct co-operation with our customers. A development process which requires our total knowhow of raw materials, printing processes, packing technology, barrier characteristics, sales promoting graphic etc.


Dialogue and Open Co-operation

A part of the development process is happening in close co-operations with our customer.

In order to make the process as efficient and smooth as possible the customer has direct access to the relevant employees at Polyprint.

Our experience is that an open and constructive co-operation creates the best results.