Private Label – Own Brand

Expertise in Private Label & Own Brand

Today we have an equal division of print jobs between Private Label and Own Brand.


Strong Communication

Many of our customers work intensively within the Private label market, which stipulates high demands to the daily planning.

So right from the start-up a close communication is needed, as often many parties are involved, such as the:


●      Supermarket Chain

●      Purchase Department

●      Advertise Agency

●      Production

●      Etc.

Our team of qualified employees often participate with counselling and guidance and are functioning as link between the single parties.


A Good-looking Result Which Meets Your Customer’s Expectations

We are not compromising with our print quality, and our finest job is to secure an optimal result, fulfilling the Private Label customer’s expectations to a good-looking packaging to the agreed deadline.

Our Prepress Managers are always willing to contact your customer, marketing or sales department directly in order to obtain the optimal result in a close co-operation.


We Keep, What We Promise

Often quick deliveries and flexibility is necessary, when the Private Label customer wishes to introduce their new brand – we can fulfil the demands for a good start.


Own brand

The Own Brand segment is equally a big part of our business, and in this segment the need for high flexibility is also a top priority – by introduction of a new product on the market, at a campaign start or similar events.

We are always ready to help with quick deliveries, if our customers need it.


Possibility for Small As Well As Big Orders

In a start-up process the possibility for producing very small volumes is often necessary in order to identify the market reactions – when the product is already known in the market the demand is more often for middle sized and big productions to low cost prices.

We can meet both demands with our very modern production, which covers both scenarios.